$5 Steel Tongue Drum, DDSKY 6 Inch 8 Notes Lotus Type Handpan Drum Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Steel Tongue High material Drum DDSKY 6 Inch Handpan Type Lotus Notes 8 Steel Tongue High material Drum DDSKY 6 Inch Handpan Type Lotus Notes 8 Lotus,8,DDSKY,Drum,Drum,,Steel,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,/dodgeful1983865.html,Type,$5,Handpan,Notes,6,Tongue,agrobanten.co.id,Inch $5 Steel Tongue Drum, DDSKY 6 Inch 8 Notes Lotus Type Handpan Drum Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Lotus,8,DDSKY,Drum,Drum,,Steel,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,/dodgeful1983865.html,Type,$5,Handpan,Notes,6,Tongue,agrobanten.co.id,Inch

Steel Tongue High material Drum DDSKY 6 Inch Handpan Type Lotus Notes 8 5 ☆ very popular

Steel Tongue Drum, DDSKY 6 Inch 8 Notes Lotus Type Handpan Drum


Steel Tongue Drum, DDSKY 6 Inch 8 Notes Lotus Type Handpan Drum

Product description


Methods of Using:
1. Especially for new, Using mallets is your first choice.
2. If you mastered the playing method very proficiently, you can try two ways of playing. Playing it with hands or mallets.

Warm Notes:
1. Holding the mallet 1/3 and tapping the middle of tongue head, you will get the prefect sound.
2. If some "noise" comes out when you playing it, it is mostly caused by tapping incorrect location.
3. Black, red, white, gold, pink, blue, moss flower blue, lake blue. There are no scales 4 and 7, with bass 1 and 6, and treble 1 and 6, bass 1 is not bad.

Type: Steel Tongue Drum
Material: Steel
Color: Pink/ Black/ Golden/ White/ Red
Size: 15*10cm / 5.9*3.93in
Weight: 850g / 29.98oz

1* Steel Tongue Drum
2* Drumsticks
4* Finger Cover
1* Carrying Bag
1* Sticker
1* Tutorial Book

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Your satisfaction means everything to us.
Please feel free to contact us to fulfill your request promptly without any hassle. We will solve your problem within 24 hours.
A replacement or full refund will be guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the item. Thank you very much!

Steel Tongue Drum, DDSKY 6 Inch 8 Notes Lotus Type Handpan Drum


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