Cell Phone Stand Angle Height fo Cradle Super beauty product restock quality top! Dock Holder Adjustable $4 Cell Phone Stand,Angle Height Adjustable Holder Cradle Dock fo Cell Phones Accessories Accessories /dodgeful66765.html,Cell,$4,Adjustable,Cradle,fo,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Phone,Dock,Holder,Height,Stand,Angle,agrobanten.co.id $4 Cell Phone Stand,Angle Height Adjustable Holder Cradle Dock fo Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Cell Phone Stand Angle Height fo Cradle Super beauty product restock quality top! Dock Holder Adjustable /dodgeful66765.html,Cell,$4,Adjustable,Cradle,fo,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Phone,Dock,Holder,Height,Stand,Angle,agrobanten.co.id

Cell Phone Stand Angle Height fo Cradle Today's only Super beauty product restock quality top Dock Holder Adjustable

Cell Phone Stand,Angle Height Adjustable Holder Cradle Dock fo


Cell Phone Stand,Angle Height Adjustable Holder Cradle Dock fo

Product description


Ergonomic foldable desktop phone stand with adjustable angle and height, no assembly required, very convenient.
1.Product Information
Wide Compatibility:Compatible with all 4-12.9 inches Smart phones and Tablets.
Material: Aluminum + ABS
Folded Size: about 4.3x2.6x1 inch
Height Range: 4.52-6.10inch
Top: 130° rotation
Bottom :90° rotation
Silicone Protective Pads:anti-skid, anti-scratch
Color:black and white
2.Why Choose Our Cell Phone Stand amp; Tablet Stand?
Sturdy and Stable: Made of aluminum alloy, silicone and ABS plastic, it is metallic, solid and durable.
Adjustable Viewing Angle and Height: Viewing angle and height can be adjusted and selected.
which helps correct poor sitting posture and reduce neck fatigue.
Reserved Charging Hole Design:The Tablet and Smart Phone Holder with reserved charging hole design,
the depth of groove fits exactly with the phone,this phone mount will not cover the subtitle.
At the same time It is convenient for charging when you watch video.
Foldable Design: Compact size, you can collect and storage easily to take anywhere.
Cellphone stand is easy to fold and slip into your pocket.
A perfect companion for travel, home ,business trip and office,also an ideal choice for presents.
Available in Any Occasions:Phone holder for home/kitchen/office.
Release your hands to own perfect view while watching films/photos/playing games,
reading pages and cooking through video teaching.
3.After-sales Service:
If you have any questions about the product, please contact us as soon as possible.
and we will serve you with the most sincere attitude!
4.What you will get:
Cell phone stand * 1

Cell Phone Stand,Angle Height Adjustable Holder Cradle Dock fo


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