Tylu 2 in 1 Pet Bathing Fees free!! Shower Sprayer Tool and Scrubber $14 Tylu 2 in 1 Pet Bathing Tool Pet Shower Sprayer Pet Scrubber and Pet Supplies Dogs $14,and,Pet Supplies , Dogs,1,Pet,/hellborn66719.html,Scrubber,Shower,Sprayer,agrobanten.co.id,Tool,2,Tylu,Pet,Pet,in,Bathing $14 Tylu 2 in 1 Pet Bathing Tool Pet Shower Sprayer Pet Scrubber and Pet Supplies Dogs $14,and,Pet Supplies , Dogs,1,Pet,/hellborn66719.html,Scrubber,Shower,Sprayer,agrobanten.co.id,Tool,2,Tylu,Pet,Pet,in,Bathing Tylu 2 in 1 Pet Bathing Fees free!! Shower Sprayer Tool and Scrubber

Tylu 2 in 1 Pet Bathing Fees free Shower Sprayer Limited price sale Tool and Scrubber

Tylu 2 in 1 Pet Bathing Tool Pet Shower Sprayer Pet Scrubber and


Tylu 2 in 1 Pet Bathing Tool Pet Shower Sprayer Pet Scrubber and

Product description

1.This sprinkler is compatible with both indoor and outdoor use, with two hose adapters, which can be easily installed.
2.The strap on the sprinkler can be adjusted according to the size of your palm. After the water pipe is connected to the faucet, you can turn on the switch on the sprinkler to discharge water.
3.You don't need to detach the shower adapter every time you use it. The splitter installs behind the shower head and allows you to quick connect to your shower every time you use it.
4.If your tub faucet has threads on the spout then you would almost certainly be able to connect with an adapter.
5.If you encounter any problems when you receive the item, please contact me in time, I will be happy to help you.

Product Information:
Adjustable strap length: 6.3-9.6 inches
Nozzle size: 3.5*3.9 inches
Hose length: 96.8 inches
Packing size: 7.8*7.8*2 inches

Package Include:
1 x Hose + nozzle
2 x Hose adapter

Q: What is the length of the hose?
A: The total length of the hose is 2.46 meters.

Q: Can the nozzle adjust the water flow rate?
A: No, there is a switch on the nozzle, which can only be used to control the water switch.

Q: Can this sprinkler be used outdoors?
A: Yes, this product comes with two adapters. You can connect with the faucet through different adapters, and then you can use it.

Tylu 2 in 1 Pet Bathing Tool Pet Shower Sprayer Pet Scrubber and

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PH PandaHall 3 Braided Cord Trim, 5mm Decorative Twine Cord Rope
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