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Men's Silk Thermal Underwear Super Max 52% OFF beauty product restock quality top V-Neck Long Sets

Men's Silk Thermal Underwear Sets | Silk Long Underwear | V-Neck


Men's Silk Thermal Underwear Sets | Silk Long Underwear | V-Neck

Product description

Mulberry silk is one of the best lingerie material,Soft and comfortable,and it's good for skin health,Great to be Wear Alone at Home or Add an Extra Layer of Warmth Under Your Clothes,Give him a comfortable experience. It's one of his best care.
Please according to the size information and choose the suitable size Size details of the clothing as below:(inches)
Medium size: Chest 39"-41" , Top Length: 27", . Bottom outseam 41.5", Elastic Waist: 27.5"-34".
Large size: Chest 40"-42" , Top Length: 27.5". Bottom outseam 42", Elastic Waist: 28"-35".

Men's Silk Thermal Underwear Sets | Silk Long Underwear | V-Neck

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