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Cell Phones Parts Front Max 46% OFF Touch Screen Under blast sales Panel Gl Lens Out Digitizer

Cell Phones Parts Front Touch Screen Digitizer Panel Out Lens Gl


Cell Phones Parts Front Touch Screen Digitizer Panel Out Lens Gl

Product description

Package include:
1pcs New Touch Screen Digitizer for Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-g386 G386tr Metro PCS G386t T-Mobile G386t1 Core G386f G386.
Replace your broken, faulty, cracked, damaged screen touch digitizer glass.
Tool and instruction are Not included.
Please Contact us before leave low stars, we will do our best to your satisfaction.
1) Please confirm the item is exactly one you need. If the buyer bought a wrong item, not need the item, can not install the item, or any other buyers causes returns, buyer need to pay for the return shipping and 15% of payment for the seller charge(Example: shipping fee, Restocking fee, Handling charges and so on.)
2) Do not install the item immediately after received. Please try to check the item function by just plug the flex connector to your phone firstly. Please make sure to test it first. Determining quality is fine, work properly, no scratches and then installed. Once after installed, would no longer accept returns. Thank you for your cooperation!

Cell Phones Parts Front Touch Screen Digitizer Panel Out Lens Gl

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