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Omnpak Macbook Pro Protective Sleeve,360 Laptop Sleeve Carrying


Omnpak Macbook Pro Protective Sleeve,360 Laptop Sleeve Carrying

Product Description

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--External Dimension: 14.4 * 10.2 inches

--Internal Dimension: 13.78 * 9.64 inches

--Weight: 0.57 pounds (260g)

--Fabric: Water-Resistant Polyurethane

Compatible With:

13 Inch New MacBook Air ,MacBook Pro Touch Bar 2016-2020,MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2015;

Surface Book 3 2(13.5inch),Surface Go 2(Without keyboard),Surface Pro 7(Without keyboard),Surface Pro X,Surface Laptop 3(13.5-15inch) ;

Dell Inspiron 13/14, Dell Latitude 14;

HP Elitebook 830 13.3, HP Elitebook/Spectre X360 13.3, HP Envy/Stream 13, HP Stream/Pavilion 14;

Acer Swift1/7 /Spin 5 13.3, Acer Swift5/Spin7 14.

Package Included:

--13 Inch Macbook Pro Protective Sleeve*1

Omnpak Macbook Pro Protective Sleeve,360 Laptop Sleeve Carrying

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